Saturday, November 11, 2017

Resin Pendant Drops

I am almost finished with the production of these resin pendants.  
There are three layers of resin.

Layer one filled the bottom of my molds.  I colored the resin black and let these cure for a day.

The I added my paper images to the surface of the cured black resin.  
I sealed all my paper with several layers of mod podge and let everything dry for a day.  
Then, I poured my second layer of resin to cover all these inclusions.  
That resin I let cure for two days.

When I took my pendants out of the mold I noticed I had a few areas where the edge of the resin was higher than the surface.  I could have sanded these edges and resealed, 
but I decided to add a third layer called "the doming layer" of resin.

This third layer I applied with a brush.
I let this cure for another two days.

I still have a few edges that are rough, 
so I'll sand those away to complete this project.

Otherwise, I love these drops!

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata.
Please do not repost any part of it without permission.


Resin Obsession Katherine said...

This is great Carmi. I think most people think about working backwards in molds. This technique gives you another option!

celticsfan108 said...

Hi Carmi! I absolutely love these pendants! I'm researching my first resin project and this is just the type of thing I would like to try. I have a craft/lifestyle blog and I'm going to do a round up post with the fun I projects I find while researching. Can I include these pendants with appropriate link backs?


Carmi Cimicata said...

You can definitely link back Marybeth!